Rewbie Newbie

Documenting my path on becoming a Rails Developer.

5 Reasons Why I'm Learning to Code

  1. It’s useful - you can barely pass a day without encountering some object that runs on software. If you are reading this on a computer, tablet or phone, then there is not much more I need to explain.

  2. It’s empowering - In life, there is very little that you can have control over, but if you learn to code, you can have full control over a computer. The computer is arguably the epitome of human civilization, and it feels pretty good to be able to manipulate it however you please.

  3. Better early than later - Coding is neither easy nor impossible, but it take years to master. So, if you’ve already agreed that coding is useful and empowering, why delay learning it.

  4. It expands your perspective - once you’ve gotten some coding under your belt, you can begin to infer how the different pieces of technology around you function. Twitter and Facebook won’t seem like they function by magic anymore.

  5. It’s fun. It’s always an adventure when you learn something new.